Dear Alumni, graduates or students of TBS

On the website of TBS Alumni, we are required to process data about you (for example: your address, your contributions or emails that you have opened). This data may be intended for members of the association (for the online directory), the staff of the association or the partners of the association, as part of our activities.

 You will be able to read below the details of the data that we are required to treat about you and the options that are at your disposal to exercise your rights under the European Regulation for the Protection of Data (RGPD).


What data and what use?

 As part of the various forms in your personal web space, we may collect information that you transmitted to us about your marital status, contact details (personal and professional), your academic background, the groups you have joined, and other information that may be required.

 When paying a membership fee or registration for an event, other information is collected to ensure the proper consideration of your contribution or registration.

 We may be required, in order to offer you a quality service, to keep information on the emails that you have received, read or clicked and on the dates when you have connected to the website.

 You can control what data is displayed in the online directory from your personal web space in My Information -> EMAIL AND SUBSCRIPTIONS SETTINGS.


It's in this space that you decide, yourself,

what you want to receive, and in what form:

 Subscription Administration

 Better targeting our communications to not bother you is important for us. Thus, you can decide what you will receive freely, especially concerning our regular communications.

  • I wish to receive emails from the association
  • I wish to receive the events of the association
  • I wish to receive emails to promotion
  • I wish to receive La Tribu by mail (only for contributors)
  • I wish to receive La Tribu by email
  • I wish to receive the newsletter of the Association


     Reception of group emails 

You can also decide to subscribe to invitations / communications chapters and tribes, animated by volunteers to give life to TBS’s network.

Important reminder: you are, with each change of situation (geographical, or professional) invited to update your subscriptions. It's up to you to choose if, even if you have moved, you want to continue receiving the chapter you were previously affiliated with.


What data and what sharing?

 All the data collected via your profile (personal, professional) are mainly intended for the animation of the TBS Alumni network. A well-informed profile and a well-thought-out subscription management allows you to receive what interests you, no more. Your data is used by the administrators of the website (authorized staff of the association), and can be, with your agreement shared with Toulouse Business School, or (as regards the accreditations and rankings of TBS) to organizations or magazines, on the following information: name - first name - diploma and year of exit - contact email - position held - name of company 

You can object to this data sharing by unchecking the box:

• I agree to share my personal data with TBS (company relations)

• I agree to share my personal data with TBS (La Fondation)

• I agree to share my personal data with filing organizations (FT, GCE, Le Parisien, etc ...)


And the confidentiality of the data? 

Beyond sharing data, we are concerned about their protection and respect for confidentiality. Also, do not forget to manage the privacy settings of your profile in your personal web space.

 In accordance with Article 27 of Law 78/17 of 6 January 1978 and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016, it is recalled that:- the information requested is intended for Toulouse Business School Alumni,- you are free to provide only part of the information,- you have the right to obtain a copy of the information concerning you contained in the computer file of the association and to request the modification or deletion of the mentions that are reported there. 

IMPORTANT: we do not give or sell the information contained in our directory.The information in your directory profile is visible only to contributing members and partners; these data are not 'exportable', so no one can make a database for commercial or other purposes.

Certain fields (especially those concerning the salary) are not visible, only the administrative ones of the association have access to them, and are only used for statistical purposes, anonymously. 


Exercise of my rights 

In accordance with the European Data Protection Regulation, you have the right to access and rectify information concerning you. If you wish to exercise this right and obtain information about yourself, please contact

Catherine Halupniczak

DPO of the association

An answer will be given to you at the latest within 30 days.